3 Medical Marketing Strategies Every Doctor Can Use

The internet can be a doctor’s best friend if used wisely. It can also expose the weakest areas of any business if not handled properly.

The online environment is complex and ever-changing, and that is why today’s medical marketing campaigns are run by experts, rather than by medical office managers or office personnel.

Almost every reputable medical practice outsources their online medical marketing responsibilities to a specialized agency because they can generate a steady flow of new patients and secure the doctor’s online reputation.

If you are a doctor who patients can’t find online, you may soon be in trouble (unless you have enough patients who come via word-of-mouth referrals to sustain your practice for years).

Today, we present 3 strategies which you as a doctor can use right away to make a huge difference in your business.

Medical Marketing Strategy #1: Get the Right Website

It is no secret that in the online world your website is a direct reflection of your business. Great designs are very affordable and available virtually 24/7, so there is no excuse for having a poor website with low resolution photographs or a lack of relevant, highly informative content.

If your expertise and medical facility are top tier, make sure you have an amazing website to go with your business; a mediocre website is not only money wasted, it is detrimental to your brand image.

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An Amazing Website: A Good First Impression Matters Most

So what makes a great website give a “wow” first impression?

First, think of the image of your practice you want to portray: trustworthy, professional, experienced, highly skilled, and capable of successfully treating the patient.

Do you have a modern, state-of-the-art facility? Allow a specialist to design or enhance your website so that it will be consistent with your medical practice’s needs. Medical marketing agency experts always ensure your website:

1) Is designed in relevance to your area of specialty

2) Is intuitive, easy ­to ­use and mobile-­friendly ­

3) Contains all necessary information for patients to easily make an appointment or request driving directions

4) Is a source of basic medical information patients can use before or after any treatment

5) Is Search Engine Optimized, i.e. it is in the top Google results

Ensure your website is mobile friendly. More people use mobile devices than desktop computers. Hence, it is vital that a medical website look good on all devices and browsers: Macs, laptops, PCs and mobile devices such as iPhone or Android

A mobile friendly medical website has a resolution that changes dynamically and adjusts to the patient’s device screen so it will look different on a desktop, a tablet or on a smartphone (dynamic layout changes, automatic text size adjustments and improved mobile usability).

Medical Marketing Strategy #2: Invest in SEO for Doctors

That’s right. Invest. Statistics don’t lie: 77% of new patients use search engines prior to booking an appointment with a physician.

With more and more patients searching for their next doctor online, it is important that your practice is easy for them to find. In other words, your practice’s website needs to be at the top of Google, and this can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO strategies vary from practice to practice, and what works for one doctor may not for another. That’s why when choosing experts specializing in SEO for Doctors, make sure they offer an analysis of your medical profile and always create bespoke SEO strategies.

Read more about SEO for doctors and find out how a medical marketing agency can help your medical practice land at the top of Google search results.

Medical Marketing Strategy #3: Blogging Confers Authority

Are you the leading specialist in your area for a certain procedure? Tell the world about it!

Blogging can be used to build or refine your brand image. Sharing knowledge will promote your expertise and make your loyal audience grow.

Readers are likely to share your content across the web and over time, you become an authority. In other words, if you provide informative and relevant content in the blog section on your website, people will refer to your blog posts when they are looking for specialized, yet approachable medical information.

Content creation may be a part of the SEO strategy (it is, in fact, a highly effective SEO method) and it is usually recommended by medical marketing agencies.

However, creating high-value, SEO-­optimized content is time-consuming and requires both medical and technical knowledge. The good news is that you don’t have to create it yourself.

Find out more about medical marketing services which help bring more patients to your practice.

Hire a Medical Marketing Agency – ­Medical Marketing VIP

A medical marketing service has one end goal: to attract more patients to your practice who are looking for a healthcare provider in your specialty. In this way, more people receive the healthcare they need, and your practice increases in authority and profits.

For more information about medical practice marketing or to set up a meeting with our medical marketing agency to discuss how we can help you grow your practice, contact 215.876.2500 or info@medicalmarketingvip.com.

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