5 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Your Patient Volume


As a doctor, you may question if spending hours on Facebook is a good use of your time.

And you would be right – a doctor’s time is better spent with patients – however, that does not mean that Facebook and social media marketing for doctors should be totally ignored.

If you really want your practice to be successful in today’s modern world, then you have to have an online marketing strategy, and this means not forgetting about Facebook.

So, whether it’s in-house office staff, or an external medical marketing agency, it is important that someone is managing your Facebook presence.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 ways your practice can use Facebook to increase your patient volume:

1. Claim your practice’s Facebook page before others do

Did you know that third parties and even your competition can set up Facebook pages with your practice’s name? Worse still, it is notoriously difficult to regain ownership of these pages, or to get them removed.

In other words, even if you have never set up a Facebook page for your practice it is quite possible that one already exists. Yes, that’s right, your page could exist and people could be writing whatever they want on it and you have absolutely zero control over the content.

This is why it is important to be proactive and to create or gain control of your practice’s Facebook page.

You have worked hard to build up your brand and reputation, so you need to preserve it by being in control of your intellectual property which includes your Facebook profile.

2. Branding for Physicians

When a patient hears the name of your practice what images or ideas come to their mind?

The concept of associating (sometimes subconsciously) certain ideas, images or lifestyles with particular business entities/goods or services is better known as ‘branding’.

Having a good brand is hugely important to attract new customers. After all, why do you think McDonalds and Coca Cola spend millions of dollars on advertising and branding?

The same also applies to medical practices. A practice with a non-existent brand, or a bad brand, is not likely to attract new patients.

But what does that have to do with Facebook?

Facebook is an excellent platform for promoting your practice’s brand to the general public. It provides access to an audience of over 2 billion Facebook users, which is a number which simply cannot be ignored!

Simply having a Facebook profile for your practice is a good first step, but it is not enough.

Does the profile look good? Does it represent the image and branding which you want your practice to have? Your Facebook profile – as with all of your marketing efforts – should mirror your branding masterplan.

3. SEO for Doctors

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of ensuring your website ranks as high as possible on online search engines. Nowadays, ranking at the top of search engines (in particular Google) is one of the best ways to attract new online patient referrals.

Facebook can help you with this. But how? Let me explain.

When Google is determining which websites to rank at the top of search results, it takes into consideration which other websites are linking to your website.

As a general rule, ‘good’ websites usually refer to other good websites. So for example, if you have links from trusted organizations such as the American Medical Association, then your website is likely to be deemed more trustworthy by Google and therefore rank higher in search results.

This level of trust is sometimes referred to as Domain Authority. Facebook has a very high Domain Authority, so links from Facebook are quite valuable in terms of SEO.

For this reason, Facebook can be a great way to boost the SEO of your medical website. Read more about SEO for Doctors.

4. Patient Reviews

Did you know that Facebook users can review your practice’s page from 1 to 5 stars?

A practice profile which has a 5-star rating helps to persuade other prospective patients to schedule an appointment with you.

Conversely, a 1-2 star rating will scare them away. This is why it is important to be in control of your profile, and your reviews, so that you can maintain a good online reputation.

5. Communication

The world around us is changing. Two hundred years ago patients would schedule an appointment with a doctor by visiting them in person. 20 years ago, patients scheduled appointments over the phone. Nowadays, more and more patients are scheduling online.

Over time, doctors have learned to adapt to the needs of their patients. Facebook and the Internet are the latest stage of this. Many patients (in particular the younger generation) like to use Facebook as a way to contact people.

Is your practice accommodating this preference? If not, then you are missing out on a growing demographic.

That said, we are here to help. Our medical marketing agency specializes in social media marketing and ensures medical practices we work with receive superb Facebook exposure and publicity.

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