Medical Marketing VIP – Who, What and Why?


If you have been reading our blog, you may already have an idea for what we do.

However, if you are new to us, then you probably have no idea who we are, what we do, and why we do it. The purpose of this article is to answer those questions! Keep reading to find out!

Who Is the Face behind Medical Marketing VIP?

Jeff McGeary is the founder and President of Medical Marketing VIP LLC and brings the unique perspective of over 15 years in the pharmaceutical sales field and an expert in the area of medical practice marketing and social media for doctors.

While “carrying the bag,” as a rep, Jeff observed the day-to-day workings of medical practices across a variety of therapeutic areas, including primary care, family physicians, cardiology, urology, pulmonology, allergy, ophthalmology and optometry.

One observation he consistently saw: How to best bring in new patients and keep the ones you have? Better yet, how to attract the perfect medical patient and create a raving fans?

Jeff saw this as a huge need within the physician and medical practice community and the idea of Medical Marketing VIP was born!

What Exactly Does Medical Marketing VIP Do?

Medical Marketing VIP grows your digital presence online to help your medical practice DOMINATE your local market. This includes branding, digital marketing, social media and a variety of marketing strategies.

Ultimately, our agency elevates your brand presence and increases new patients and referrals. This is done through a variety of innovative online marketing strategies, including:

  1. Full marketing assessment, strategy session and recommendations
  2. Ensure your brand identity is compelling, congruent and aligned across all areas of your practice
  3. Create your Facebook fan page. This is part of our social media marketing for doctors package.
  4. Growing your Facebook fan page with laser-targeted “perfect patients”
  5. Photoshoot at your practice with high-quality images for your brand
  6. Website buildout or recommendations to your existing site
  7. Daily social media marketing
  8. Positioning your website at the TOP of Google (SEO for doctors)
  9. In-office marketing
  10. Email marketing and patient newsletters
  11. High quality print brochures & referral tear pads
  12. Staff training (patient interaction, marketing & social media)
  13. Local physician referral marketing
  14. Branded on-hold messaging
  15. Patient education seminars
  16. Press releases & local events
  17. marketing could affect small to midsize practices
  18. Stunning medical website design
  19. Google PPC

Why Do Doctors Need Medical Marketing VIP?

In the 21st Century, the trend has been for more and more patients to find their next doctor online. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, it shows signs of increasing.

Your patients turn to online search and social media to find a physician. Will they find you? Even if they do, will they like what they see?

Online visibility and presence is critical. So SEO for doctors is important, but to succeed you’ll need more than just that.

In the super competitive world of healthcare today, your medical practice must stand out. Additionally, your patients are not reading magazines in the waiting room. They are scrolling on social media and searching online to pass the time.

Practicing good medicine alone is not enough in the digital age. If you want to grow and remain relevant, it’s time to adapt and begin with a winning medical marketing strategy!

Medical Marketing VIP is a one stop medical marketing agency; your practice’s solution to achieving digital dominance in your local market and medical speciality.

Further Information About Medical Marketing VIP

Medical Marketing VIP specializes in medical practice marketingsocial media marketing for doctors and SEO for doctors. Our agency works with doctors across the country to help them develop their businesses. Want to be one of the success stories?

For more information about our medical marketing agency, contact us at 215.876.2500 or email

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