Medical Practice Marketing

When considering medical practice marketing strategies for your office, it’s a confusing space with a lot to think about.

Marketing a medical practice is critical for a steady flow of new patients.

And your patients turn to online search and social media to find a healthcare provider.

Will they find you? And if they do, will they like what they see?

Practicing good medicine alone is not enough in the digital age.

In the super competitive world of healthcare today, your medical practice marketing strategy must stand out. Online visibility and presence is critical.

Additionally, your patients are not reading magazines in your waiting room. They are scrolling on social media and searching online to pass the time.

And that’s where you MUST be.

Effective marketing strategies for medical practices are essential in the digital world of today.

If you want to grow and remain relevant, it’s time to adapt and embrace a winning medical practice marketing strategy!

Can you relate?

  • Patients want it all
  • Lower reimbursement rates
  • Seeing more patients for less money
  • Doc down the street is taking my patients
  • The primary doesn’t refer to me anymore
  • Internet stuff that doesn’t make sense
  • Social media is confusing
  • Patient reviews
  • Overhead
  • Staff issues

Wait, and I gotta do social media, advertising, branding, SEO, medical practice marketing…..?

Yes, you do! And that’s where we come in.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s no different with doctors and medical practices. If patients are familiar with you, trust you and have a great experience with you, they can be your biggest champion!

Online presence and social media now play a huge role in physician selection, with as high as 77% of internet users searching for medical information, reading physician reviews and observing YOUR brand and social media presence (or non-presence).

Branding and social media activity are effective medical practice marketing strategies for you to DOMINATE your local market.

The first step is embracing good medical marketing strategies.

Medical Practice Marketing – Here’s How We Do It:

1. Full marketing assessment, strategy session & recommendations

It’s important to have a plan. After all, how can you get somewhere if you do not know where you’re going? The same is true of medical practice marketing. It’s important to take the time at the beginning to assess what is needed. What are the big picture practice goals? What do you want your practice to look like one year (and five years) from today? This session will begin to answer those questions and create a blueprint for your future practice growth strategy.

2. Ensure your brand identity is compelling, congruent & aligned across all areas of your practice

Why do you think that the McDonalds logo and branding are the same anywhere on the planet? They know that customers like familiarity. The same is true when it comes to medical practice marketing. Patients are more likely to trust something or someone they are familiar with. Is your brand synchronized across your website, social media and other forms of advertising? Marketing a medical practice is a bit of an art; the colors, the layout, the design, the messaging – all must be congruent. Our marketing strategies for your doctor’s office will ensure your brand identity is compelling, congruent and aligned across all areas of your practice.

3. Create your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter page (or update)

Do you have a Facebook page for your practice? How about Instagram? Does it look awesome? Is it congruent with your brand identify? How about patient reviews? Is it configured correctly? For example, if you have more than one location, have you set up your Facebook locations? More and more patients are finding their next doctor online. This is why marketing strategies for medical practices must include an aggressive social media campaign.

4. Growing your Facebook & Instagram pages with laser-targeted “perfect patients”

How many Facebook fans and Instagram followers do you currently have? How many are really prospective patients? When it comes to social media followers, two things are important: Quantity and quality. Quantity is important but are they local to your practice and do they have an affinity towards your services? Quantity is important because you need a larger audience to see your stuff. Attracting the right type patient is critical for your medical practice marketing strategy. We can attract followers of your target demographic, including age, gender, location and interests – your “prefect patient!”

5. Photoshoot at your practice, high-quality images for your brand

Let’s face it, it’s hard to build a strong house with weak materials. The same is true of medical practice marketing and “the look.” In order to create a compelling brand identity, we need good materials. This is why taking the time to do a photoshoot at your practice is so important. These high-end photos, presenting you in the best possible light, can be used on your website, social media profiles, and in other marketing materials.

6. Website buildout or recommendations to your existing site

You need a website, period. And it needs to be a good one. Mobile friendly, fast load speed and consistent content. Our web developers specialize in building modern, mobile-friendly medical websites. If you already have a website, we can further develop your online hub and make improvements where necessary. Of all your medical marketing strategies, an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is essential to get your website to the top of Google search results.

7. Daily social media posting

The world of social media is an ever-changing and highly interactive space, greatly impacting opinion, trends and decisions. This is why marketing a medical practice must incorporate social media for doctors. Your patients of all ages and demographics are Tweeting, Facebook scrolling and Instagram’ing; you must be there too! Our social media experts produce daily content for you that is engaging and consistent with your brand. We also run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads.

8. Positioning your website at the TOP of Google

This is perhaps the most important piece of medical practice marketing. Let’s face it, if patients want to find a doctor, they GOOGLE it. So if you are not coming up on the top of Google search results, they will not find you. Our SEO for doctors strategy specializes in medical SEO and getting you to the top of search on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This requires an awesome website (good “one-page” SEO) and consistent content (blogging), among other things. Our team will help you get there.

9. In-office marketing

Even in a world of Internet and online marketing, sometimes it helps to add a touch of old-fashioned, face-to-face marketing. Taking the time to meet with other referral sources – such as other medical doctors – can often create great relationships which lead to long term referral trends. As a doctor, it can be hard to find time to do this. This is why contracting with a medical marketing agency can help.

10. Email marketing and patient newsletters

Once you have treated your patient, do you stay in touch with them? When it comes to medical practice marketing, often the best source of future patients can be current patients. They are already familiar with your brand and trust you and can be a great source of new referrals. This is why it’s so important to keep your practice “on their radar” with relevant and engaging communication. We recommend building your list with Aweber and email newsletters are an efficient and cost-effective way to do this. Best thing is, we write and deliver your monthly custom newsletter for you.

11. High quality print brochures & referral tear pads

Traditional marketing materials, such as brochures, still have a place in marketing a medical practice. And you should absolutely leverage this. A beautiful branded brochure is still important to have in your office and around the community. To help with referrals from other local physicians, you have to make it easy. That’s why our referral tear pads are an effective strategy. We design a branded tear pad for you to make it easy for your local providers.

12. Staff training & team building

A lot of hard work and resources goes into attracting new patients, so it is extremely important the voice on the phone and the greeting at the front desk is awesome every time. First impressions are lasting impressions. We host a variety of staff training both in office and via webinars to assist your team in the awesome department! Phone etiquette, face to face interactions, interpersonal communication, up-selling and a host of other topics can be custom delivered for your practice staff.

13. Branded on-hold messaging

Medical practices get busy! And sometimes it is necessary to keep patients on hold over the phone. But why waste this time? You have your patient’s attention and you need to make the most of it. Branded on-hold telephone messaging is a great way to remind your patients of the services you provide, promotions, announcements, upcoming events and strategic “up-selling” of premium services.

14. Patient education seminars

Good medical practice marketing will get your patient through the front door. And there is no better way to leverage this than with a patient education seminar. By educating an interested audience (your existing patients or the general public), they can see, hear and feel what you are talking about. This is powerful! We help you fill your seats and script out an effective presentation to close more business.

15. Press releases & local speaking events

Need to get the word out about the latest developments at your practice? Perhaps you are opening a new location, brought on a doctor or added a new treatment? We’ll help you get the word out with an effective press release to local media. Additionally, we help you secure speaking events in your community to educate and build brand awareness.