Online Medical Marketing – Doctor, Do You Know Where Your Patients Are Coming From?


Smart and savvy doctors know how much their business can benefit from online medical marketing.

They know that 62% of patients now research their next doctor online. Those doctors are already way ahead of the curve and understand they are also entrepreneurs and their practice is a business.

Are you one of them?

The power of SEO for doctors cannot be underestimated. It is a great tool to significantly increase patient flow to your practice. If you are already working on increasing your SEO efforts, you may be wondering where your online patients are coming from.

It’s an essential question you need to ask yourself – the answer will help you decide which strategies actually work and where to budget your money.

The Pareto Law:
The Pareto Law says that 20% of your efforts generate 80% of the results. It’s only logical to identify the ideal 20% to invest your time, money and energy, and ignore the remaining 80%.

Google Analytics:
Google Analytics’ acquisition metrics are a useful tool to help you establish what’s working and what’s not. Have a look at this:

Top Channels

If you look at the screenshot above, you can see that in this particular case, most patients are finding the doctor via Organic Search (= Google).

Social Media Marketing is also bringing patients to your practice and it is part of the larger SEO strategy. Only 33 patients found this physician via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which leaves room for improvement. Speaking of which…

Social Media For Doctors

If used well, Social Media For Doctors can be a powerful tool.

Writing useful content for your patients is the key to a successful online medical marketing campaign.

Articles with high keyword density work 24/7 to get your website as high in Google search results as possible. Posting valuable content on your social media also works to improve your online reputation.

High-quality content puts you in the position of an expert; as a result, patients seek you out.

Is it a big investment?

The best thing about social media for doctors is that it costs nothing (apart from your time). Naturally, this can be a great asset, especially if you consider the cost-benefit ratio.

Of course, we realize that for doctors, time is usually more valuable than money. We know how busy medical practices can be.

Therefore, our agency writes the valuable, patient-friendly articles for you, as a part of the SEO strategy for your practice. We strongly believe that your time is best used meeting with patients.

Let our team worry about getting you to the top of Google. Read more about SEO for doctors or Medical SEO.

Medical Marketing Services – Online Directories

Listing your practice in online directories can be a great way to reach out to a large number of potential patients in your area.

If you are listed in the majority of the directories you make it easier for patients to find you online.

Positive online reviews that patients leave on those directories are also helpful! Some of the directories are free while others require a fee to be listed. Still, it is definitely worth considering and we can help you with that.

Online Advertising for Doctors

Another great way to get patients to your practice is paid advertising, provided you know how to do it.

Using Facebook ads, AdWords (Google) and other platforms can be a great investment. These tools boost your online presence and bring more patients to your website and practice. They also make it possible to reach a wider range of people and establish your online reputation.

Here’s the catch: When it comes to paid advertising, you really need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s just money down the drain.

There are many factors that affect the success of paid advertising campaigns. Learning about them can take a lot of time and energy. That is exactly what we are here for – so that you don’t take unnecessary risks with your money.

We offer a wide range of SEO-related services, including online reputation management, online patient referral generation, social media marketing, content creation, etc.

We make sure that you reach the 62% of patients who are searching for their next doctor online. Online medical marketing strategies do work – let us help you!

For more information about medical practice marketing or to set up a meeting with our medical marketing agency to discuss how we can help grow your practice, contact 215.876.2500 or email

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