SEO For Doctors: Content Marketing – How Does it Help You Get More Patients?


Content marketing is one of the most effective things doctors can do to boost their SEO rankings. Without it, SEO for doctors is almost impossible and not nearly as effective as it would be with content marketing.

It has become a catchphrase among IT professionals and others curious about SEO techniques, and there is a lot of stress placed on making valuable, useful content.

Why is it relevant for you and how can it facilitate SEO for doctors?

Physician Marketing – The Definition of Content Marketing

First of all, let’s begin by explaining the term to avoid confusion and correct any misconceptions about what it is. Many of us believe that producing SEO content is content marketing, however, these two activities actually serve two totally different functions.

Making content strictly for SEO purposes (i.e. inserting a lot of keywords, etc.) pushes your keyword up the ranks and ultimately drives a lot of traffic to your website.

Marketing involves interacting with the audience which includes being helpful, interesting, informative, entertaining, etc.

In a perfect world, SEO-focused content should be able to meet all of that criteria, but it can be quite demanding and requires a lot of expertise. Google isn’t “tricked” easily and is pretty good at telling one from the other.

What you should keep in mind is that user experience is the most vital issue to consider when making content for your blog/website.

People love good-quality content. Google loves good-quality content. And people who like the content you produce are most likely going to use your services.

If you specialize in delivering what your audience desires, it’s a win-win scenario. Keywords and other various SEO-strategies are obviously crucial to growing your online presence. In the end, however, it’s the valuable content that is getting you new patients.

SEO for Physicians – Why is It Important for You?

For some reason, there are doctors who believe that digital promotion isn’t relevant to their business.

We can’t help but disagree. With so much competition doctors have to remember that he who doesn’t move forward, moves backward. People who act quickly and follow technology tend to win the race. After all, businesses – particularly medical ones – are making the move to the online reality.

62% of patients look for their next provider online and use Google to search the doctor out, which means they’re going to your website to find out more about your practice. They may continue to browse the internet to find other patients’ online reviews, etc.

Google is the “phone book” of our time! That is why SEO for doctors is a rapidly developing strategy and, without a doubt, the most effective way of promoting your practice.

Why is making valuable content absolutely necessary? As mentioned above, it serves 2 main purposes:

1) It brings new patients to your website, which increases the chance they will choose your practice the next time they need medical help

2) It will increase your online presence and improve your online reputation

It’s not rocket science: Content marketing is your best strategy if you are serious about growing your online patient referrals. That said, as a doctor, we know how valuable your time is. You likely don’t have time to spend hours producing high-quality, relevant content for your patients.

Leave that to us! We are a digital marketing agency that takes SEO for Doctors VERY seriously.

We create high-quality content that is sure to increase the patient flow for doctors we work with. Each article we write on your behalf (saving you TIME) which engages people in your community and brings them to you. First, to your website, and second, to your office.

Medical Marketing Agency – About Medical Marketing VIP

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