SEO for Doctors – What Makes a Good SEO Company?

SEO for Doctors

As a healthcare provider your reputation is everything and physician marketing services are critical to stand out in today’s market. You may be a phenomenal doctor with years of schooling, rotations and experience but if you don’t have a physician marketing plan you won’t be found and patients will go elsewhere.

That’s where marketing strategies for medical practices come in to play.

Medical marketing in healthcare is often a challenging industry because what is effective today may not always work in the future. However, a solid and effective physician marketing plan can be implemented with the right ideas and consistent action.

Successful doctors who invest in marketing for their office find that certain strategies work regardless of how the healthcare profession, medical laws or SEO strategies change.

To increase your patient volume and build your reputation as a highly-respected physician, try these 9 physician marketing ideas…

1. Marketing in Healthcare: Create Your Website

There is a reason why this is always number one, no matter which industry you are in. You already have an online reputation because people are online right now talking about you.

It’s up to you to control your reputation and create a website and online presence that positions you in the most favorable light.

You can create one yourself – there are plenty of free and inexpensive sites out there, or you can hire a company that specializes in physician marketing services to do it for you.

Let’s face it, you are busy. If you view medical marketing as an investment in your practice it is worth it to get the job done right the first time.

2. Add a Blog to Your Website and Update It Regularly

This does not just have to be about your practice but your blog can show the “real” you and also address the questions and challenges of your audience.

You can include things such as current issues in the healthcare field or topics related to your specialty or even blogs showcasing patient success stories (with the patient’s permission).

3. Email Communication as Part of Your Physician Marketing Plan

Patients can sign up to receive your newsletter and get up-to-date information such as office promotions or your latest blog article. When you regularly email those on your contact list, it pushes traffic to your website and other pages.

This pushes up your SEO, increases your online reputation, and ultimately results in more referrals and patients. Plus, it’s inexpensive and one of the best ways of marketing a physician practice.

4. Create and Manage a Facebook Profile & Post Daily

No, it’s not just a social page for those who want to scroll their lives away. It’s actually an excellent source of free advertising for doctors. With almost two billion active Facebook users across the world, word of mouth on Facebook is crucial.

Creating a professional Facebook page solely for the purpose of getting your medical practice out there is sound marketing. You can easily target your audience with Facebook marketing techniques that are automatically in place, and you can pay a little extra to customize your strategy.

Your Facebook profile affords you instant connection with your audience and begins to build your brand on social media. The key, like everything else, is you have to do it consistently.

You can also use this forum to link your blog articles, videos, graphics, etc. to drive traffic to your website and help with SEO.

5. Connect on Additional Social Media Platforms Because Your Patients Are

Facebook is the primary platform and there are others you need to leverage as well. It’s simple to create a presence on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks with the same or similar content across all social media platforms.

Social networks are not just for millennials; successful physicians need to pay attention to the huge audience that this generation comprises and target them with effective medical marketing strategies. Remember, the more you post the more your brand is out there!

6. Patient Reviews are Great Advertising for Doctors

One of the best physician marketing services out there is word of mouth, so why not ask for that recommendation in the form of a written review?

Satisfied patients are usually more than happy to help others be helped by you, and requesting a patient review from them will often give them the added benefit of feeling useful. These referrals turn into valuable marketing tools for your healthcare practice.

7. Your Physician Marketing Services Should Make Your Patients Feel Special

It goes back to the basic idea that everyone wants to feel special. Your patients don’t want to be just another face out of a thousand. They want to know that you truly care about them and their problems.

Doing this can be as simple as the old method of sending out birthday cards, these are easy to create online. Your office staff can put them together while you take two minutes each day to sign them personally.

In the digital world of today, many people don’t get mail unless it is junk mail or bills. An old-fashioned birthday card that costs you less than a dollar to create and mail can bring unlimited referral potential.

8. Freebies are Always Good Physician Marketing Ideas

It is relatively inexpensive anymore to get your logo embossed on pens, pencils, magnets, water bottles, hats, t-shirts, and more. These promotional items can be used in numerous ways. Reward patients for their referrals, build new patient morale and hold contests on your Facebook page.

Patient perks are a great way to attract referrals, and it’s a win-win when they are reminded of your contact information every time they use (or share) your gift.

9. No One Can Find You? – It’s All About SEO, SEO, SEO

This can’t be stressed enough. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is your online reputation and how likely you are to be found in an online search.

Your SEO drives your target audience to your website, and is comprised of everything that was mentioned above: your website, your blog, your social media, your referrals, and how often people visit all of those places.

There are ways to improve your SEO by using marketing strategies for medical practices that are known to work, like creating original content on your website and blog, links to your pages from affiliate sites, interaction with social network posts, etc.

You can do this yourself, or, again, find professionals who specialize in physician marketing services to ensure this is done optimally.

Use Physician Marketing Services to Skyrocket Your Practice

All of these ideas work on their own and will give you boosts here and there, but when you combine them together you have a recipe for success that is sure to pay for itself exponentially.

These strategies support each other, creating a symbiotic relationship in which one drives the other in a positive correlation the more it is used by you and your audience.

With the right medical marketing strategies and your proven medical skill-sets, your practice will thrive and grow abundantly.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Medical Marketing VIP for a free medical marketing assessment.

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