Social Media Marketing for Doctors: The BEST Platforms for Your Practice


As a doctor, we know you are busy treating patients, performing procedures, managing your staff and running your practice.

The last thing on your list of priorities is social media.

However, the problem is that an increasing number of patients are now active on social media. In these modern times social media marketing for doctors is essential.

If your practice wants to compete in the 21st Century, it needs to be active on all the major social media platforms.

Once you agree that social media is essential for your practice’s marketing campaign, the next question is: What are the best social media platforms for doctors to promote their practices?

This article will list the most important ones, including some pros and cons of each one.



  • When you think of social media for doctors, Facebook is probably the first social media platform which springs to mind. In the vast social media world, Facebook reportedly has over 2 billion users. Ask yourself this: Can you afford for so many prospective patients NOT to find you?
  • Facebook is not just a place patients that can find you, it is also a means of communication. Patients can message your practice online through the Facebook Messenger application. This is a growing trend and your practice would be wise to make itself available to this growing communication option of patients
  • Reviews and reputation. If you do not create a profile on Facebook, did you know that someone else can? This is why it’s important to be the first person to create your profile. Once you are in control of your profile, it is up to you whether to allow reviews or not. Yes, that’s right – the option of allowing practice reviews can be turned OFF! However, we recommend you keep it on and try to collect positive reviews as this is a great endorsement for your practice
  • SEO-optimized posts can greatly help your SEO campaign, because Facebook has a very high Page Authority


  • Facebook can be time consuming. It is probably not a good use of doctors’ time as their time is more valuable treating patients
  • Facebook is often trying to upsell ads and promotions, and I advise to be wary of this, because not all advertising has good Return On Income.

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  • With a reported 336 million users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. That’s a lot of prospective patients!
  • As with Facebook, Twitter has a very high Page Authority which can give your SEO campaign a big boost. Social media marketing for physicians should absolutely include Twitter!


  • Twitter is not as ubiquitous as Facebook, plus it is not used as readily as a form of communication. This means that patients are less likely to communicate with you via Twitter compared to Facebook.

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  • LinkedIn is considered a “B2B social network” which means that it is mainly for businesses or professionals. This makes it a great place to recruit new staff for your practice including new doctors.
  • Although LinkedIn has “no follow” links, it can still prove useful for SEO, as having a good “follow” and “no follow” link ratio is supposedly something taken into Google’s algorithm.


  • As a “B2B social network”, individual patients are unlikely to find you here.

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Instagram and Pinterest


  • These have been grouped togetherbecause they are both much more visual than all other platforms listed so far. They rely heavily on images. For practices with very visual results (e.g. a plastic surgery practice), this is a great platform to post the patient outcomes you are most proud of. Such posts should only be made within HIPAA guidelines.
  • Instagram is HOT right now; social media marketing for physicians should absolutely include Instagram.


  • It can be time consuming to take good quality images.

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When it comes to medical practice marketing, two things are important:

  1. The quality of the message
  2. The number of people this message reaches

Having a presence on social media platforms increases the size of your audience which means that your message is reaching more people. In other words, the more social media platforms your practice is on, the more likely patients are likely to be reminded of you.

That is why social media marketing for physicians is here to stay.

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